Finding an Emergency Dentist in North Carolina

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A dental emergency can strike at any time, from a variety of sources. Trauma, infection, or neglect can affect your smile and jeopardize your health. When something unusual happens, many people wonder what constitutes an actual dental emergency. Can you wait until your family dentist has an open appointment, or should you seek the help of an emergency dental professional?

Common dental emergencies in North Carolina

-A common problem is bleeding that accompanies brushing or flossing. If the bleeding is accompanied by swelling and pain, however, this may suggest a more serious condition like a tooth abscess. Swelling without pain is another condition that requires quick dental attention. This swelling may be caused by an underlying condition that can damage oral health.

-When your tooth cracks or breaks, it can lead to more severe oral health concerns. Bacteria can attack the delicate inner tissues of the tooth, leading to problems with your gums and teeth. Superficial chips of the tooth surface are generally not seen as emergencies unless the inner pulp is exposed.

-Dental trauma is common, but severe oral pain may indicate a more serious problem, such as a crack exposing nerves or a bacterial infection. If pain worsens or continues for more than a few hours, seek emergency treatment immediately.

-A knocked-out tooth if it’s been dislodged from its socket by trauma needs an immediate dental appointment. To preserve the tooth, keep it moist by placing it back in the socket, sealing it between your cheek and gum, or storing it in a container of milk until you can get to the dentist.
How do I know if this is an emergency?

In general, any damage to the teeth or gums that results in cracked or broken teeth, severe pain, and excessive bleeding is a dental emergency. While bleeding and soreness may result from a loose tooth, these situations are not generally emergencies and can be handled by a routine dental office visit. Emergency dentistry is designed to help people with oral health-threatening issues, and aesthetic concerns are better handled during a regular office visit.

Take care of your teeth to avoid emergency problems!

Taking care of your teeth is an important part of maintaining good health. If you take care of your teeth regularly, it will be much less likely that you will ever have a serious problem. You don’t have to spend hours in the dentist’s chair every month to keep your teeth healthy. If you brush and floss regularly, you can prevent most problems from occurring in the first place!

The best way to avoid problems with your teeth is to make sure that you go to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings every six months or so. If there are any problems with your mouth, they should be caught early on in this way so they can be taken care of easily before they become more difficult or expensive to fix later on down the road.

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