6 Signs You Need a Root Canal That You Must Be Aware Of

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Root canals are notoriously painful, but they are necessary to treat. Although the signs are not as noticeable as those of a decayed or infected tooth, there are warning signs you should be aware of if you require a root canal treatment. Also called an endodontic treatment, this vital therapy can save problem teeth while relieving your pain. Sadly, not all people know the symptoms they should watch out for.

Here are six signs that you need to get a root canal treatment:

  1. Heat and Cold Sensitivity

When you feel the pain, you are susceptible when the tooth comes in contact with hot or cold things. The pain is not something you can easily ignore, and often people use painkillers to find some release, but this doesn’t help much with tooth root pain.

  1. Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are a symptom of tooth root issues that progresses from mild to unbearable. It’s the kind of pain you can feel, even when your teeth are not being touched. This discomfort can even be felt in the end or corner of your tongue. When your gums are sore or swollen, the pulp of your tooth may be infected, resulting in gum inflammation as your body’s natural response to tooth infection or decay.

  1. Constant Pain

Damaged teeth can irritate and inflame nerve endings in the tooth connected to the face and head. This causes the muscles in your face and head to tense, resulting in toothaches and headaches that are both constant and even unbearable.

  1. Tooth Discoloration

Tooth root issues can cause discolored teeth or tooth staining thanks to the bacteria associated with root canal infections. The discoloration and staining are often apparent on the outer edges of a tooth or where the tooth is most likely to be exposed to outside elements.

  1. Discharge

There is a yellow or green colored discharge coming from the infected gums with tooth root problems. It is a pus-like substance that can be seen or felt. This is an urgent sign that your condition needs immediate attention. If this happens, consult your emergency dental clinic ASAP.

  1. Undetectable Illness

Tooth root problems can cause a general illness that seems like a common cold, fever or fatigue. Although you can treat the symptoms individually, signs of deteriorating health paired with oral health problems may be a sign of infected or decaying teeth. Please consult with a dental expert to find the root cause of your condition.


You can walk around for a long time with a problem tooth. In contrast to most oral health issues, where symptoms can be seen immediately, root canal symptoms frequently do not appear until the problem progresses. Routine dental checkups and exams can spot these issues early before they progress this far.

Treatment methods for these oral health conditions are not available at home. The best way to find out if you need a root canal procedure is to visit your dentist’s office, which includes X-rays as well as thermal and electric testing.

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